Jenna and her parents were one of the presenters and Concussions Matter was a sponsoring organization at the BINAYS 35th Annual “One Voice for Injury” Convention and Professional Symposium in Saratoga, New York from June 14 th to June 16 th . It was an incredible experience as I got to spend 3 days with so many wonderful people and organizations. There were over 25 exhibitors who offered a different perspective and covered a full range of all the topics affecting people who are dealing with concussions and traumatic brain injury. The professional symposium brought professionals and specialists together from the field of brain injury medicine and rehabilitation. I learned about the advances in treatment and got to network with professionals in the field. I heard about and gained access to cutting edge research and information. The “One Voice For Injury” conference included professional presentations, panel discussions and personal testimonials from brain injury survivors and their family members. There were 18 presentations and mine was entitled “Paying it Forward Post Concussion.” This was the first time that I was presenting with my parents. My father talked about the tragic events our family has overcome and how we still view our lives from a “half glass full” perspective. My mother talked about how my condition has affected our family, and what it has been like for her being my biggest advocate and caregiver. She talked about her never-ending quest to help get me better and help me obtain all the services that I need. I had the opportunity to speak to a large group who wanted to hear my story. I have spoken to many professional, legal and medical organizations. I have spoken to social workers, nurses and guidance counselors. This was the first time that I was speaking to a group that included many individuals who suffer from traumatic brain injury. While I have had conversations with individuals with traumatic brain injury, this was the first time that I spent hours listening to their stories. So many people came up to me during the event to thank me for the work that Concussions Matter is doing and thanked me for being an inspiration to them.