Why Concussions Matter was Started

Jenna Mosenson was a typical smart, energetic, and ambitious 19 year-old former roller hockey player who founded Concussions Matter, Inc. She sustained numerous sports and non – sports related concussions, and her life was changed forever.

The normal daily activities that most people take for granted became a struggle. She would never be able to play contact sports and her dream of representing the USA in international competition could never be fulfilled. This is her story and what she is setting out to accomplish.




Foundation Goals

The goals of Concussions Matter are to bring awareness to and educate people about sports and non – sports related concussions. Its primary goals are:

1 – Educate coaches, parents, athletes and the general public about concussions. Recognize the signs of a concussion, what to do in the event someone sustains one, and the follow up treatment and protocol.

2 – Establish support groups for those suffering from the effects of concussions. It is important that those suffering be able to discuss their feelings with others who are suffering in a similar manner. Some of the conditions that a person with a concussion can suffer from are:

1 – Blurred vision
2 – Noise & light sensitivity
2 – Memory loss; confusion; feeling like you are in a fog
3 – Headaches, migraines, head pressure
4 – Delayed response to questions
4 – Dizziness, nausea, vomiting
5 – Sleeplessness
6 – Depression, Irritability

3 – Establish support groups for the caregivers of those suffering from the effects of a concussion.